Like everybody we had to make the decision to put some of our dogs to sleep or passed away. This page is in commemoration of these dogs.

Válinor Icing on the Cake († 17-02-2012)

Helaas moesten we de beslissing nemen Satchmo in te laten slapen. Tot de laatste dag genoot hij van het leven en zijn dagelijkse wandelingetje op de hei, tot het echt niet meer kon. Hij werd 14,5 jaar oud...

Photo taken een week before his death...


Ch. His Majesty From Higher Grounds († 16-12-2009)

Sometimes you  just don´t have the words to describe your feelings. I always feared the day that I had to let Junior go and now this day has come... and it was tough, very tough...

Everybody who knew Junior, loved him to pieces and so did we, Not only because of his looks, but especially his character made him the lovely dog he was. We miss him like crazy!



Careful Choice From Higher Grounds († 10-08-2009)

One year after her mother passed away, we also had to put Sierra to sleep, she just couldn´t live without her mother. On the age of 12,5 years it was time to let her go,
Sierra was the mother of Ch. Memory Lane From Higher Grounds en Ch. Pure Design From Higher Grounds.



My Golden Princess of a New Horizon († 15-07-2008)

Princess was our grand old lady and at the age of 13,5 year her time came and we had to decide to put her to sleep.



Wondering Why of Slatestone († 16-06-2008)

In just one day Siouxy couldn't walk or stand up anymore. Various treatments in the clinic were effortless and we had to put her to sleep at the age of almost nine years.



Ch. Blueberry Hill From Higher Grounds († 20-05-2008)

During the last months we saw Balou getting more problems with his movement behind. Nevertheless is was a very difficult decision to have him put asleep. Balou was almost 11,5 years old.



Daddy's Girl Daisy's Collie Camora († 29-05-2005)

Sometimes life is very cruel. Luna was enjoying her litter of puppies and she suddenly got very sick and died within 12 hours. The loss of Luna leaves a great gap in our house. Not only for us, but also for her puppies who have to learn everything without being watched by their mother.



Her Majesty from the Coastal Town († 09-03-2005)

This was the toughest day ever. On her 11th birthday, we had to take Mandy to the vet and she never came home again... She fought for four years and on her own birthday she lost...
It's so hard to describe what Mandy meant to us. In our breeding program, she was our most influencial and foundation bitch, but most of all she had a character you'd wish every dog had. We're so glad that we see so much of her character in her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.



Trix († 28-05-2004)

Trix was our first dog ever. She was a border collie with no pedigree. Fourteen years ago she came to us as a puppy with an enormous amount of energy, as expected of a border collie. She stayed that way for more then ten years, keeping our collies alert. Only the last few years, she became more quiet.
In the last year she became totally deaf and lost quite an amount of her eyesight. When her joints also made her have problems with standing up and walking properly, it was time to let her go.
It is hard to believe that she has gone, over fourteen years of living together is such a long time...



Blueroyce Auld Lang Syne (2001)

Pierrot was the first male dog at our place. He showed us the sweet character that males have, which gave us the confidence to keep more males in our kennel.
Everybody in the family and all our friends miss Pierrot. There is an empty place in the living room, the place on the couch where he used to be.



Abergavenny's Highland Queen (1996)

Hayca was our first collie and not only for that very special to us. With her our love for this breed started.
We're very grateful we had her in our home, regrettably not long enough.