Satchmo 4 jaar oud./Satchmo at 4 years.

Válinor Icing on the Cake


Sable and white dog, born 03-09-1997
HD Tc, CEA/PRA clear
Father of F-, G- and J-litter.
Breeders: Caroline and Ton Reynders, "Válinor"

Belangrijkste showresultaten/main showresults:

Jaar/Year Keurmeerster/Judge Uitslag/Result
KCM 1999 (NL) Mrs P. Skyrme (GB) "Emryks" 5 Exc.
KCM 2000 (NL) Mr D. Crapper (GB) "Bolandale" 6 Exc.
Den Bosch 2000 (NL) Mr A. Mather (GB) "Rubec" 2 Exc. Res.CACIB
Uden 2000 (NL) Mrs S. Wigglesworth (GB) "Sandiacre" 4 Exc.
Eindhoven 2004 (NL) Mr J. Tait (GB) "Aberthorne" 3 Exc.


Kintyre's Imperial Item Pelido Kings Councel Ch.Brilyn Supertramp Ch. Mybern's Minstrel
Brilyn Duchesse Lace
Pelido Hot Silk Brettonpark Latest Love at Pelido
Pelido Juliet
Ch.Bhyllsacre Brynacre Bundle of Love Bhyllsacre Make Mine Macho Brettonpark Country Tweed
Ch. Bhyllsacre Mia'ly Golden
Bhyllsacre Golden Challenge of Brynacre Bhyllsacre All in Gold
Blonde Beauty at Bhyllsacre
Mirpet Touch of Class Ch.Clorewoord John Thomas Clorewood Gorgeous George Ch.Clorewood Arrival
Clorewood Fancy
Clorewood Illusion Brettonpark Country Tweed
Clorewood Am'our
Mirpet Tilly Tantrum Westoak Warlord of Rixown Ch.Mybern Merideon
Westoak Tiggywinkle 
Ch.Mirpet She's No Lady Ch. Brilyn Supertramp
Emma Peel of Mirpet


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