Daddy's Girl Daisy's Collie Camora


Luna 2 jaar oud en als pup./Luna 2 years old and as a puppy.

Bluemerle bitch
16-07-2001 /
Mother of O- and S-litter.

Belangrijkste showresultaten/main showresults:

Jaar/Year Keurmeerster/Judge Uitslag/Result
KCM 2002 (NL) Mrs B. Banbury (GB) 2np place puppyclass.
Goes 2003 (NL) Mw. J.F. Bakker-van de Woestijne (NL) 2 Exc., RCAC/RCACIB


Ch. Blueberry Hill From Higher Grounds

Troydon Sovereign Night Ch.Kourika Mantika at Troydon Ch. Troydon Pebbalmyll at Mybern
Mybern's Blue Misty at Kourika
Troydon Carisma Mybern's Master Raffles
Troydon Babycham
Her Majesty from the Coastal Town Malouine's Once in a Blue Moon Ch.Amalie Best Bitter
Ch.Mybern's Movie Blue
Amy the Gipsy Queen v. Saleteinshof Assert of Aberthorne
Sea Dreamer's Shades of Darkness
Wondering Why of Slatestone Time will Tell of Slatestone Royal Bodyguard of Slatestone Ch.Clorewood John Thomas
Ch.Mybern's Movie Blue
Jamie-Lee Blue de la Vallée des Trèsors Malouine's Moody Blues
Un Pirate Noir de la Vallée des Trèsors
Quelle Belle of Slatestone Ch.Rosegarden's Nice Black Magic Ch.Lynway Seldom Sober
Ch.Rosegarden's Harmony Mandy
Ch. Mybern's Movie Blue Ch.Jankeith Gideon at Mybern
Mybern's Moondyle