Qualified Blue From Higher Grounds


Gwen 3,5 jaar oud / Gwen at 3,5 years



Bluemerle bitch, born 23-11-2004
HD-A, CEA/PRA clear
mother of X- and Z-litter
Breeders: Miranda Boels and Tjeerd Koopmans, "From Higher Grounds"



Silvers Inspiration Yum Yum

Manico's Quaterman Sanside Soul Brother Ch. Troydon Pebbalmyll at Mybern
Myberns Myella
Manico's Now and Forever Jackaroo van Koridwenn
My Melodie des Spinettes
Malouine's Celita Ch.Amalie Best Bitter Ch.Lynway Seldom Sober
Bossoms Black at Amalie
Malouine's Witchy Woman Troydon Total Recal
Sea Dreamer's Ivory Tears
Black Diamond From Higher Grounds Troydon Sovereign Night Ch.Kourika Mantika at Troydon Ch. Troydon Pebbalmyll at Mybern
Mybern's Blue Misty at Kourika
Troydon Carisma Mybern's Master Raffles
Troydon Babycham
Her Majesty from the Coastal Town Malouine's Once in a Blue Moon Ch.Amalie Best Bitter
Ch.Mybern's Movie Blue
Amy the Gipsy Queen v. Saleteinshof Assert of Aberthorne
Sea Dreamer's Shades of Darkness


Dior Gwen Bliss