Ch. Memory Lane From Higher Grounds

Dutch Champion
Belgian Winner 2006
Winner of the Collieclub Trophee 2004


Brandon 4,5 jaar oud tijdens Crufts 2007.

Sable and white dog, born 14-06-2002
HD-A, CEA/PRA clear
Breeders: Miranda Boels and Tjeerd Koopmans, "From Higher Grounds"
Owner: H.Y. Wong (
website), co-owners "From Higher Grounds"

Belangrijkste showresultaten/main showresults:

Jaar/Year Keurmeerster/Judge Uitslag/Result
Goes 2003 (NL) Mw. J.F. Bakker-vd. Woestijne (NL) 1 Exc., Res.CAC
Rotterdam 2003 (NL) Mw. Van Mechelen (B) 1 Exc., Res.CAC
Leiden 2004 (NL) Mr J.J. Walsh (Irel.) 1 Exc. CAC/CACIB
Hulten 2004 (NL) Mr Deutscher (A) 1 Exc. CAC/CACIB BOB
Uden 2004 (NL) Mr O'Donoghue (Irel.) 1 Exc. Res.CACIB
Rotterdam 2004 (NL) Mw. L. Mouchart-Kleingeld (NL) 1 Exc. CAC/CACIB BOB
Lelystad "Joe Kat Show" 2004 (NL) Mw. R.Ch.M. Noy (NL) 1 Exc. CAC
Utrecht 2004 (NL) Mr L.J. Peelen (NL) 1 Exc. CAC/CACIB
Wijchen 2004 (NL) Mw. M. van Herle-Stevens (B) 1 Exc. CACIB
Brussel 2006 (B) Mr V. O'Brien (Irel.) 1 Exc. CAC/CACIB BOB
WInner Amsterdam 2006 (NL) Mrs. E. Haapaniemi (Finl.) 1 Exc., Res.CAC/Res.CACIB


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